Hello lovely, welcome to iamjayde.co.uk

I’m Jayde, I’m twenty-four and this is my wee corner of the internet.

Originally from the North-East coast of Scotland, I’ve somehow found myself in Birmingham with my boyfriend Benj, spending a lot of time discussing how great tattie-scones are with English folk.

I’m a plus-size lady who likes drinking tea, eating burritos, getting tattoos, listening to true-crime podcasts, guzzling gin, playing simulation games, rubbing Ben’s belly, watching cartoons about time-traveling granddads, scrolling through /r/oddlysatisfying, trying new IPAs, buying pretty things I can’t afford – y’know, all basic twenty-something girl stuff.

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  • cutiecameras.com July 13, 2014 at 12:36 am

    I am loving your blog!! It is absolutely adorable!