My goals for 2017!

January 11, 2017


Hello 2017!

I’m a wee bit late with my goals, but I’ve started working towards them already, I promise! I have never been great at sticking to my goals, but if I don’t even try I never will be right? Every little helps (…is what I tell myself as I fail every single one of them by a mile)

I’ve popped together 9 things I want to work on this year. I’d love it if I could ‘achieve’ them by the end of the year, but if I’m still working on them by the time 2018 then I’m not going to beat myself up about it. They’re generally just things that will improve my day-to-day life, but a few will help me out in the future too!

Without further ado;

Replace food “rewards”. I have a weird relationship with food. I love it, I love to try new dishes and devour my favourites alike. Unfortunately, I also comfort eat and use food to reward myself. Did something great at work? Have some cake! Cleaned the whole house? Chocolate time! Made it to the end of the week? Takeaway! This isn’t a healthy way to think about food, so this year I’m going to swap these rewards for something a bit better than me: A new book, a facemask, some fresh flowers for the house and when we move (hopefully) a nice bath! Once I’ve got this sorted, I’ll have a look at the comfort eating…

Cut out fizzy drinks. This has been on my list every year for at least 3 years. I’ have already mostly done this though. Ben doesn’t drink fizzy drinks so we don’t have them in the house and being unemployed means I just don’t have the money to waste on drinks when I have access to water. I get fewer headaches now I’m on a tea/water diet and feel more awake. However, when I’m drinking alcohol or out having a meal I will always go for a fizzy juice, I wanna swap these for better options! I think going cold-turkey for now is a good idea as I still find myself craving their sugary-fizzy goodness, but might allow myself some on special occasions in the future.

Stop biting my nails. This is a gross habit and my hands look horrible. I had a good couple of months at the end of last year. But Christmas just took me back to my stress-biting ways. I would love fancy, perfectly painted claws, but my nails aren’t strong and even with OPI’s Nail Envy on they still break eventually. I would settle for nice non-cracked skin and healthy looking nails. Any tips for achieving this one would be great!

Read one book a month. I don’t think I read a single book the whole way through in 2016 (bar marketing/branding ones for work). There are people doing “100 book challenges”, but there is no way I would even get half-way through that. I love reading; I just also love playing games, watching tv and sleeping. 12 books seems like the perfect amount for me this year.

Stop feeling guilty for having “me time”. Having “me time” is good for me, I know this. But I find myself reasoning why I’m taking half an hour out to look after myself, and feeling guilty because there are so many other things on my to-do list! I believe a lot of the guilt comes from not having a job right now, so “why do I need to take a break”. But job-searching is tiring! I get up the same time as Ben, job search for the majority of the day and do most of the household chores alone – it’s like having a full-time job! It’s okay to take 30 mins out to make some progress on my 12-book-challenge.

Get a job. As mentioned above, I need a job. Ideally, I’d like to stay in marketing, so that’s where I’m focusing right now.  This one doesn’t need much explanation, I need money to pay the bills (and fund my excessive make-up habit).

Pay off my credit card. I’ve got debt. I’ve got an overdraft, a credit card and, of course, student loans. SAAS take a percentage off of your wage before you even get it, so whilst I’ve never earned enough to pay any back, when I do it’ll come off without me having to really make any effort to do so.  My overdraft and credit card on the other hand, they’re gonna take some restraint. I would love to pay both off this year, but unless I get some magical job, it’s just not going to happen. My credit card has a slightly higher interest rate and is half-payed off already so it’s going to go first.

Re-start learning to drive. I did a few lessons when I was 17, then before Ben moved away last year, he did a few lessons with me. I was kind of starting to get the hang of it just when he moved down to Birmingham, and now I’m down here too and unemployed I can’t afford to be on the insurance. Ben was a great teacher, but I was a shocking student. I couldn’t be less of a natural driver if I tried, so once I’m in a better place financially I want to get some lessons from a professional and just practice with Ben in Ben’s car.

Actually blog. I’m not looking to be a blogging superstar, I’m never going to post daily, but I love having a tiny little bit of the Internet that is just all mine. It gives me a way to be creative, it gives a way to actually use my photography degree and it gives me an opportunity to be social. And at the moment, it gives me something fun to do in a day filled with washing-up and job applications!

What are your goals for this year, or New Year’s Resolutions? I love reading what goals other people are totally gonna smash this year!

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