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July 24, 2015
As I mentioned in my ‘What have I been up to?’ post a few days back, I’m moving in with my boyfriend at the beginning of next month- so obviously I’m compiling lists of stuff to make our new place to avoid packing!

We’re starting from scratch as we’re both coming from furnished places, but we think we have all the ‘big stuff’ sorted (I will definitely be posting room ‘make over’s!), so I’ve started internet browsing for all the bits and bobs that will make it feel ours.
Me and the other half both work full time so don’t have time for a dog at the moment, not that we could decide between a pug and a dachshund anyway! So to get some dog-love into the house, we’re going to get these 1.‘Anatomy of a Pug’ Throw Pillow & 8.‘Anatomy Of a Dachshund’ Throw Pillow– although I think the dachshund one is cuter!
We’re hopefully going to be building his and hers battlestations, so I thought this funky wee 2.Essey bin would go nicely. I also think this 4.Lightbulb Vase will go nice on my half to contrast whatever boyish rubbish that is bound to plague the other!
This 6.DIY Lego Key Holder seems easy enough to make, and the other half is a big lover of lego (and an absolute mess when it comes to knowing where his keys are!) so this will be getting made asap. I am trying to save up for driving lessons, hopefully a car and a holiday so I’m thinking of using this 10.Chalk Board Piggy Bank to save my £1 & £2 coins in for a wee while!
I think this 10.Companion Cube Rug would make a really cute welcome mat to the flat, and would hopefully keep our cream carpets cream- functional and pretty!
I like to have fairy lights everywhere, they’re great for on a night when you just want a wee bit of light or for setting a relaxing mood, but I’m not sure how into this the other half is- so to warm him up to the idea I’m going to start with these 7.Scrabble Lights, maybe above our bed. This way I get my pretty lights, and he can write some form of inappropriate word/phrase and we can both be happy!
I think this 5.LED Word Clock is a little bit different, and will go brilliantly with our mostly monochrome theme. Plus I am terrible at telling the time so this will definitely help!
Last but not least, these 3.Winter/Summer Salt & Pepper Shakers are just cute. I have very little use for them at all, but why not eh!
I’m really excited to get into our own little place and make it ours, and even more excited for the inevitable trip to Ikea! Now to get packing~

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