What Have I been up to?!

July 15, 2015

What have I been up to? Quite a bit actually!

First off, my class and I put on our wee grad show. It went pretty well I think, bar me maybe having one too many on the opening night, oops! but more importantly, we graduated! I am now the proud owner of a BA(HONS) in Photography and Film!

 I went to Download Festival! My brother, boyfriend and I took my mum for her birthday, and it was the best weekend I’ve had in years, maybe ever. All the bands we’re amazing, but KISS and Slipknot we’re definitely highlights. I’ve been to a fair few festivals now, but my comrades were all festival virgins, I think they were all almost dead by the end of it. Will definitely be going again next year!

I went on many, many adventures with my so-called ‘better half’ (we both know I’m better). The zoo, Download, exploring England and the countryside. Forcing him into photographs at every opportunity of course.


And obviously, I ate and drank a tonne of yummy-goodness. I can’t say I’ve had the healthiest last few months, but I’ve had a happy belly, that’s for sure!
I’ve been on my ‘little break’ for about 4 months, and I think thats about enough time now. I’ve got lots of exciting things coming up soon- heading down south for a weekend away, the Edinburgh Fringe festival starts (I’m going to see Alan Davies!), moving in with the aforementioned other-half and then jetting off to Turkey with my Dad and siblings literally the next day- so while I plan to get back on the blogging-wagon, I can’t say what ‘Iamjayde’ is going to be filled with content wise!
I hope everyone has had a lovely last few months, and has been enjoying the spurts of sunshine we’ve been having!

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