Lilly Lolo Mineral Foundation

July 23, 2015
Being the pale beast I am, I’m always in search of the perfect foundation to match my pasty complexion.  I’d read really good things about Lilly Lolo’s mineral foundation so figured I would give it a go.

I purchased the Mineral Starter Collection – Light in the hopes of finding something kind of similar to my shade- which is no easy task let me tell you. The set comes with 3 shades, a finishing powder and a baby kabuki brush.
Lilly Lolo Mineral Foundation is both vegan-friendly and contains SPF- Which is great because I literally never remember to apply it (oops!). The product is so easy to apply, and the little kabuki brush that comes with the kit is so soft and good quality.
The coverage on this foundation is a light to medium, and I tend to lean more towards a medium coverage due to my redness and scarring so generally have to build up the coverage. I really want to like this foundation because I hate the streakiness of liquid foundations- and for the most part I do. I can get enough coverage for a day-time look on a good skin day but if my skin even considers being a little bit dry then this foundation is of no use. It does not blend over dry skin and tends to look very ‘talcum powder’y sat on top of my skin.

Lilly Loro Mineral Foundation comes in 18 different shades, and the mineral starter collections come in 3 different ranges (Light, Light-medium & Medium). The subltle differences between the shades within the light collection are brilliant because it means you can mix the perfect colour for your skin. ‘China Doll’ was my closest shade, but I needed a little bit more warmth so mixed it with ‘Blondie’ to create my perfect shade. Although this is fine whilst using the starter kit, It wouldn’t be too handy when purchasing the full size items.

Overall, I think this is a great way to experiment with mineral foundations, but I probably won’t be buying the full sized version due to the way it sits on my skin when it’s having a dry day (which is more often than not!). I think if you lean more towards having ‘normal’ to oily skin then this would be brilliant for you. The shade range is brilliant, and being a pale human that’s not something I say very often- But my journey for the perfect foundation still continues!

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