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February 10, 2015
As you might have read in my 2015 post,  I’m on a bit of a weight-loss journey. I have a fair few pounds to loose, so obviously upping my exercise is a big part of that.

I’ve wanted a Jawbone for a fair while now, but have just never gotten around to getting one.  Jawbone is a fitness band that measures you steps, monitors your sleep, has an inactivity alert to make you move and logs your work outs amongst other things. I find I either severely overestimate or underestimate how much I’m actually doing in the day and would love to keep track of my day-to-day movements, so I know when I need to step ip m game. I spend a lot of time doing workbooks, editing photos and watching Netflix, so even when I do a workout, I still end up spending most of my time doing nothing.
I have recently joined the gym so need a few bits for that. This Nike Duffle Bag will be perfect for hauling all my stuff to the gym, and the USA Pro Sports BraSports Leggings   and Workout Top all seem to be perfect gym wear for me (Look at the pattern on that bra!). I’m not keen on sweat marks, but plan on getting real sweaty so figured black would be my best option. I’m also the kind of person who needs motivational music to work to, so this iPhone Arm Band  seems perfect for keeping my phone secure whilst I work out to a great playlist.
On my non-gym days (aka days I tell myself I’m gonna do loads of uni work instead and that I ‘deserve a rest’) I still want to be able to do something, so I’m attempting to get into yoga. I have laminate flooring so I tend to slip and slide all over the place so will definitely need to get a Yoga Mat.  I’m also going to get these Hand Weights, so I can maybe do some exercise videos if the yoga just isn’t doing it for me.
Last but not least, the hardest part of getting healthy for me so far has been getting enough water. According to a few water-reminder apps I’ve downloaded, for my weight/height I should be drinking about 3L of water a day. Before I cut out the fizzy drinks and sugary teas, I could go days without drinking plain water. Nowadays I stay as far away from the pop and sugar as I can, but I generally just keep forgetting to drink at all! I tend to find when I have a gimmicky bottle I drink more, so I thought this Bobble Water Bottle would be a good idea. It filters water as you drink and is squish able. Hopefully the disgusting Edinburgh water can be improved with this bad boy.
You guys got any tips or tricks for me?

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