Eylure Brow Ink

February 26, 2015
Eylure Brow Ink is a double ended brow ink pen. I have very light very sparse brows. I always have done, I’ve maybe plucked them once in my life, so I need a fair bit of help to make my face look like a face.

I purchased Eyelur Brow Ink in ‘Mid Brown’, one of their three shades. I personally find this shade to be a tad too warm. I have pale skin and ashy hair so warm tones make me look a bit strange. But if you have warm tones through your hair, this product could work really well for you.
Eylure brow ink boasts a “tattoo like finish”, which I can’t say is very true, but I also don’t want my eyebrows to look like tattoos if I’m honest. The ink doesn’t last all day, and is a bit patchy, but makes it easier to create a hair-like pattern than just using a pencil or powder.
I can’t use just this product to fill in my brows because they are just too sparse, so what I tend to do is create a base of powder to get the shape and thickness right, then go in with this bad boy. It makes my doing my ‘sharp tails’ a lot easier, and stays in place longer than powder. When I just use powder, my brows look very flat, but with a bit of this ink through it, they look more like real hair. I tend to find the thin end is more useful than the thick tapered end.
All in all, this is a nifty product to add to your brow routine, and if you’ve already got alright brows I’m sure it would be brilliant for traveling. For me, it has not become an every day essential, but if I have time I’ll use it to improve my non-existent caterpillars.
What is your go-to brow routine?

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