Lush Shampoo Bar – ‘Godvia’

October 8, 2014


For Christmas this year I got a Lush gift box from my lovely other half (unsure if he thinks I smell or just knows me pretty well). Amongst a plethora of beautiful smelling products there was the Godvia Shampoo Bar. At the time I had bleached hair, and was very picky about what shampoos and conditioners I used due to having a head damaged locks, so I popped this in my ‘basket of wonders’, and there it stayed until last month.

At £6.75 for 55g of product, you may feel like it’s a bit expensive but Lush claims these bars do the same job as two to three 200ml sized bottles of shampoo. I’ve been using the bar for a month and a half (I use this shampoo every other wash), and I have more than enough left to go another  two months. I’m unsure just how long a normal 200ml bottle of shampoo lasts normal people (I’m an over-squeezer…) but for me, it’s lasted ridiculously long in comparison. For me, that makes this product very good value for money. Unlike normal shampoo, the bars contain no liquid so they can pack more product per G than regular shampoo (not to mention extra oils and ingredients.
To use the bars, you can either wet your hands and create a lather by rubbing the bar between your hands, much like you would do with a bar of regular soap, or you can rub the bar straight on your head. I find a mix of both tends to work for me, rubbing it on the roots and covering my hands in the lathered up product to then run through the ends. It helps that the product lathers up way more than you’d think!
This particular shampoo bar, Godvia, isn’t my favourite scent and is not tailored to any specific hair type or claims to do anything other than clean your hair, but my hair feels clean and fresh after I use it. I’ve noticed a fair bit of shine too, especially now I have brown in my hair. I assume this is due to it containing all natural ingredients rather than the chemicals found in my regular shampoos. I think after this one is finished I will try New which supposedly stimulates your scalp and encourages healthy hair growth. I’d also like to try the conditioning bar, as I’m in need of some deep conditioning I think I’d really be able to put it to the test!


Have you tried the Lush Shampoo Bars? What’s your favourite Lush product?

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