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January 23, 2014

So a few weeks back, I was re-doing my roots and had ran out of my usual violet-conditoner mix, so in a panic, I just popped pink over the roots. I ended up creating this pretty cool pink-to-purple ombre look. I loved it for maybe, 3 days, and then I was back to my usual “I need to change my hair” thinking.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I get so bored of my hair so easily as of the last few years. All through high-school I had bright pink or purple hair, and got rid of it when I came to uni. I soon got bored again and started experimenting with pastel shades. While I’ve always liked my hair colours, I’ve never loved them like I did back in high-school. I think this has a lot to do with my loss of confidence after moving out, I’m not so keen on people talking to me about my hair. But also because a lot of people don’t take me seriously with this kind of hair. I currently work in a regular minimum-wage-get-me-through-uni kind of job where they don’t mind my hair colour, but it was also pretty hard to get my job with these kind of hair colours. I graduate in 2015, and while I’m still uncertain about whether or not I want to do a masters, or go straight into the big bad world, I’m pretty sure I’m going to need people to take me seriously. I’m not saying “coloured” hair is unprofessional at all, but when I was recently put into a semi-professional setting with the rest of my class mates, I had a hard time due to people judging my work on what they assume someone who ‘looks like me’ does rather than actually looking through my portfolio, so I feel I need to stop that happening in order to get the kind of jobs I want.

I think my choices range from blonde to natural blonde to ombre; But I struggle with the idea of drifting from my non-natural coloured ways, again, funnily enough, I think this has a lot to do with my lack of confidence. I’ve always been the one with ‘the cool hair’, I’ve never really had anything else going for me. I’ve always, and now more than ever, been larger than everyone I know, so my choices were/are limited to ‘the fat friend’ or ‘the weird-hair friend’ and I chose the latter choice and ran with it until now. I think unconsciously if I get rid of my ‘funky hair’ I’ll struggle to find my new identity or sense of self, however ridiculous logicallly looking through my portfolio, so I feel I need to stop that happening in order to get the kind of jobs I want.

I think I need to add to my goals for this year:
• Find a hair colour that I can be happy with
• Gain confidence


I think to achieve the second one, I need to complete the first and combine it with my ‘getting healthier’ journey, and just love me.
Sorry for such a long and ramble-y post, hair clearly weighs on my mind a bit too much!

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  • Reply Grace January 24, 2014 at 1:03 am

    Love your hair color Jayde!! I am currently thinking of bleaching my hair and go with grey-ish violet… but I'm too scared lol just watching tons and tons of Youtube vids haha

    Grace / From The Moon

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