October goals

October 2, 2013
I’m on a mission of self improvement at the moment.
I tend to find if I make long-term goals with an end-point/finishing like/etc like ‘new years resolutions’ I end up only sticking to them for a few months. So I’m going to try to make a list every month of some stuff I want to improve. They

won’t be big things, but a few little things that will add up and hopefully improve my life.
So here goes, as of October I would like to:
Drink more water.
– I don’t drink nearly enough water. I’ve recently stopped drinking fizzy drinks as much as possible, but instead of replacing the litres of Vanilla Coke I was drinking, I’ve just stopped drinking. I drink a bit more fruit juice, but not nearly enough water. I got a new water bottle (as you may have seen in my Monthly Favourites) to try and encourage me to drink more, and so far it’s working. Let’s hope it carrys on.
Read more.
– I love to read, but I find as soon as I go back to university I end swapping books I love for books I have to read. I want to make some time for both. University reading is important, and I cannot pass my course without it, but I miss getting lost between the pages of beautiful literature. Between last term and this term, I moved further away from university so I now have a 45+ minute bus ride every morning, so I’m going to make the most of those 45 minuets I would normally scroll Instagram or brows The Metro and get stuck into a book instead. (If anyone has any reccomendations, let me know!)

Use less heat.
– I bleach my hair, so you can imagine how dry my hair is. Last few washes I’ve let my hair dry naturally, and it’s been super soft and healthy looking, so I think that the winter is the perfect to experiment on how to make my natural curls work for me as I tend to wear a hat anytime I have to leave the house (perfect when I can’t make it work for me!). So I’ve hidden the hairdryer for now, and the straighteners will soon be following it.
Take and print out more photographs.
– This may seem like a strange goal coming from a photography student/aspiring photographer (…and self confressed Instagram addict) but I don’t mean it in a “take more photos of my feet in the bath” Or “this is what I’m having for dinner” way. I want to capture more moments in my family. At the moment my family (as in the ones I live with) only consists of Liam and I (and our doggy) but one day we do want to have children, and I know there is nothing I love more than routing through the giant box of photos at my Grandmas house and laughing at how silly my parents used to look. I’d love our kids to be able to do that.
Spend less.
– I’m getting a new camera soon, so in order to pay my lovely mother back what she’s lending me, I need to stop buying random rubbish. I am a terrible impulse-buyer, so in order to combat it I’m forcing myself to think about buying something for a minimum of 3 days before I buy it (I also have to tell my partner everything I’m thinking of buying, and he is a lot more sensible when it comes to make-up than me hah!)
I think that’s more than enough for one month! Hopefully I’ll be able to stick to at least some of them! Will hopefully let you guys know get a-long.
Are you guys trying to ‘improve’ yourself at all? I’m always up for motivating each other, so let me know!



  • Reply Leah October 3, 2013 at 12:02 am

    I can really relate to the 'spend less' goal!

    My goals are to eat more healthily (less chocolate, more greens!), get back into fitness again, and just mainly take care of myself. I feel like I haven't really been giving myself any TLC so I think just the simple things like eating well and using some yummy face masks will really help…everyone should make sure they are giving themselves some love tbh!

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  • Reply Aubrey @ The Daily Simple October 14, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    I'm wanting to do the same with photographs. I'd also like to try different printing methods. It would be a fun way to explore memories.

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