Fit Me Foundation Review

December 30, 2012

Everyone has their beauty weaknesses, and I have to admit, foundation is mine. I do not have a holy grail foundation so I’m constantly searching. I quite like Revlon’s Colour stay, but I dont love it. On my ever present search for my  foundation, I found Maybelline were sending out samples of their new Fit Me foundation via Facebook, so of course I ordered one. It took ages to come, but what can I expect from a free sample.

I ordered shade 115 Ivory, as I have the skin of the living dead, which I actually haven’t seen in store yet. Eventhough this is the lightest shade (of the 12 available shades), it is still not quite light enough for me.

My arm is a little bit darker than my face, so you can imagine how it looked  when used in the correct manner.  I am used to this issue however, never really finding a foundation pale enough to me, so I just added a tiny bit of moisturiser and even less Barry M’s Foundation Creme in white (this stuff is very thick and cakey, hence adding moisturiser as well). This made the foundation a lovely colour.

Maybelline say this is a gel foundation. I’m no make-up artist or expert so I do not know the pro’s and con’s of this, but I have to say I like the formula (before adding my own moisturiser/foundation to it). I applied it with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. It went on smooth with no streaks and I would say this was probably a medium/build-able coverage.

As I have a sample size, I cannot make a comment about the packaging other than when I’ve seen it in store, its looked lovely. The sample came in a lovely wee envelope/package so thumbs up for that Maybelline.

This is the foundation mixed with Barry M’s white foundation and Soap and Glory’s Catch A Wrinkle In Time Moisturiser.

I do quite like this foundation, but it’s not likely I would purchase a full size one, purely because of the colour. If it was a tad lighter I think it would be lovely for me. The formula and coverage are nice, so  for anyone with a bit more colour in their skin, id recommend it!

Anyone got any suggestions for a pale-but-not-white foundation? Love this new Fit Me foundation?
Hope everyone has a lovely New Years!


*** As of mid-2017, I decided to no longer use products that are tested on animals. As this product is not considered Cruelty Free I will no longer be supporting this product or brand.***


  • Reply vintagefee December 30, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    I have exactly the same problem as you on a daily basis, it's a complete pain! Was considering buying this foundation but just looking at the picture now makes me realise it'll be far too dark. Cheers for the tip on it! And let me know if you manage to find a good foundation for us pale folk!

    • Reply Jayde December 30, 2012 at 12:44 pm

      It's the worst! Had a wee gander through your blog, and I think you're right, would just be too dark.
      Even with the lightest shades I look orange, oh dear.

      Will do! And same to you!
      I'm considering ordering some Dainty Doll foundation, but I've not really heard many good things about it :/ hrmm


  • Reply Natasha-Rose April 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Slightly irrelevant comment to the blog post but you have the most beautiful shade of hair i've seen in a long time! 🙂 xx

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