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November 9, 2012
Hello, long-time no-post. I’ve been absent blogger wise for the last wee while, but I think I’m back! We finally have an actual internet connection in the house so I have no excuse!
Recently I’ve not been very well, physically and mentally, but I’m feeling a lot better now.  A death in the family, feeling a little bit lonely friends-wise and me and my partner  having a lot of money issues  (the loans/bursary company here in Scotland are kind of messing me about) has been putting a lot of stress on me, plus I’ve been working pretty much any time I’m not at uni, relaxing huh! Fortunetly I think I’m finally getting somewhere money wise, so once I get some stuff through the mail it should all be sorted so I’m a lot less stressy-monster-Jayde.

I’ve also been having a few confidence/body issues at the moment. When I first moved down to Edinburgh me and Liam kind of ate like an 8 year old would if they had the choice (ie ice-cream for every meal) so as you can imagine, I became a chubster once again. I’ve lost a wee bit since then, but I still feel uncomfortable. Anyway, to the point, I’m trying to buck up my eating. If anyone has any recommendations for healthy-blogs to read or just tips on not binging on Coke-a-Cola (or even if anyone in Edinburgh wants a gym/zumba/walking buddy!) please do share. A few health/body image/confidence posts may be on the horizon.
Hey-ho, on to happier things!


• FOTD, Wish my cheekbones always looked like this! The power of contouring huh! •fake zombie wound for halloween. • The only way I can wear my fringe atm, it’s looking rough! • a lovely 5×4 camera I was using at uni. Such an interesting photographic technique. • FOTD from when I went to Newcastle. •Fake Primarni-Van’s. comfy! •First Urban Decay item, Love it! Cheap from TK Maxx too! •My most loved shoes, shame I never have a reason to wear them haha. • Alexisonfire Tickets. Unfortnetly I can’t go anymore, so if anyone wants to buy 1/2 ticket(s) for their Brixton show on the 3rd of Decemberr, feel free to email me at;
Hopefully I’ll be back posting at-least weekly now I have internet and a smile on my face!
Please do leave me some get-fit (The right way, not fad diets) tips!
Hope everyones been having a better time of it this month than me.

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  • Reply luzmaría Alam November 15, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    I like your purple hair, cute!! I am sorry about your problems 🙁 but you can go on, try hard and be positive.

    I notice you are a follower on my blog, I want to invite you to my Birthday giveaway 🙂


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