MIA; A quick update.

September 1, 2012

For the few followers that used to read my blog a fair bit, you may have noticed I kinda dissapeared off the face of the earth; Fear not, I am alive! The last 2 months have been hectic. I’ve been trying to move house without any means of transport whilst both me and Liam were working 40+ hours a week, so the internet has been on a back-burner to say the least. We’ve been having a lot of money issues as well, as we were effectively living and paying for 2 flat, owch, So we still don’t have internet in the new flat either!

Anyway, all that should be sorted soon so I shall be back rambling about nothing in particular!

Here’s a few instagrams from the last wee while to make this post a little less boring

  • We got some new friends! We pretty much live in a zoo now. We got these 3 ferrets in June they are Peeeka, Dora and Bou! They’re rascals but so so cute.
  •  The wee gecko at the end we got today. There’s 3 of them but the other two were in the vivarium already. We took these guys off someone our flatmate works with as he had way too many due to a recent ‘litter’ (no idea if that’s what its called).
  • Only clean part of the new flat! woe is me
  • Beautiful shoes. Got them months and months ago but still haven’t worn them. Primarks finest.
  • Shameless selfie. Getting used to my fringe at last.
  • Glitter gradient nails. They lasted about 2 days with work and moving etc.
  • Found these bad boys when packing. Can’t decide if this makes me cool or painfully lame.
  • Dyed my hair! was gonna do a whole half head thing but thought that may be too much for work. It ended up washing quickly anyway. Not  keen on it at all!
  • Cut off the bands. I work with foot a lot at work so I didn’t want to put customers. Time to say goodbye.
  • Another primark beauty. I must walk funny because the sides of my shoes just fall appart, got these as I was down to one pair of shoes that still had a soul. I regret nothing.
  • Procrastinating packing…oops.
  • Drip nails! Unfortunetly I accidentaly melted them trying to light the hob about10 mins after this photo was taken. Oh dear.
  • Cleaning! with the packing all done it was time to make an attempt to get to keep our deposit
  • Farewell photo. Our wee, damp and cold flat is finally ours no more. It was a perfect first home, but I cannot stand the damp and mould any longer.  We loved  you.
  • New flat! It looks like a bomb has hit it. I have about a week untill I go back to uni to get this sorted. Let the games begin!
  • Finally, Enter Shikari! We got tickets for this back in May, just happens it was around the same time we were handing over the old flat. Nice wee treat for all my hard work. They were good as usual.
Well that’s been my last month or so. I’ve got a few posts lined up but we’re still getting moved at the moment so I’ll be absent a little while yet.
Just noticed I now have over 100 followers on GFC, plus a few on Bloglovin/Hellocotton! Thank you so much everyone who actually reads this. When I wrote my first post I honestly  thought the only person who would read it would be my fiancé, I’m so grateful that people actually take a few moments to read my posts! I promise lots more real posts are on their way, stick with me!




  • Reply Lisa September 1, 2012 at 12:44 pm

    Such cute little additions, I love the first picture of the little ferret, awwwe <3

    • Reply Jayde September 3, 2012 at 3:44 pm

      They're all so cute! The first one is a wee bugger though, haha. You can't stay mad at something so cute though.


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