Late March Glossybox! Harrods Edition

March 22, 2012
I know this is super late, but I got the box and started the review that day. But then my family received some bad news and I had to travel to my mum’s in Yorkshire. So half this was written as first impressions and the rest after a week of using most of it.


I finally have the much anticipated Harrods Edition Glossy box! This is my first beauty box so I was really impressed with the packaging (I’d never seen a post which includes it so i figured I would!) It’s such a nice touch to have the logo on the outer-packaging, It feels all that much more special when the angry posty has come to your door at stupid o’clock and you’re wearing your embarrasing Lil’ Miss Sunshine PJ’s. The box looks very classy, I like the all black and white approach they took for this special box.

It had the usual tissue paper wrapped in a bow look, however the bow does say Harrods. I’m not too keen on the green, but oh well!  by this point I was super excited to open it as it was my first beauty box ever!


And here’s what I got:
Clairns Extra Firming Body Cream 
Molton Brown Bath & Shower 
Skii Moisturiser 
Lancome Mascara  
Valentino Perfume 
Shu Uemura Oil 


“A daring, addictive oriental, floralfragrance from Valentino. A true feminine classic, twisted with the pure insolence of Italian ingredients; bergamot, alba truffle, amalfi orange blossom, wild strawberry, cedar woods and amber.”
This sample was exactly the kind of size I was expecting from the box. It’s perfect to just put in the small pocket in my bag for a spritz every now and again when I’m on the go. It smells just delicious too. £71 is a bit expensive for a skint student like me, and I don’t feel it lasts on my skin very long (I’m yet to find one other than ‘Lola’ that does!) So I won’t be buying the full price. I would urge you to give it a sniff if you come across it in store.


  • “Lancôme’s new curvaceous oversized brush gives full lash contact for dramatically fuller and thicker looking lashes.The Hypnôse formula is deep and intensely black, gliding sumptuously along each lash, to immediately coat and amplify from root to tip. A professional curvaceous brush allows full contact with lashes for instant full-bodied volume.”
  • Again, it’s size is just what I expected. I have tried this mascara a few times now, and me and it just don’t agree. I don’t have the fullest of lashes but this does nothing for that. They look like ‘spider eyes’ as my mother would say. It doesn’t make them look thicker at all. The wand is interesting, I don’t mind that, but I think it’s the formula being too thin and liquid-y that does nothing. Compared to my usual (Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast Mascara) it really doesn’t cut it.


Clairns Extra Firming Body Cream 
(This isn’t even on the glossybox page on the Harrods website so I have no info for this)
This is super thick and moisturising. However, I don’t know where to use it! It’s such a small sample that if I started it at my ankles and worked up concentrating on my problem areas like suggested it would be all used up in one go! Then I would never be able to see if it actually firms everything. I used it on my neck/chest/chin area last 2 times I used it but I feel no different. I think I’ll try it somewhere that needs a bit more firming. But at 19 how much more firm do I really need to be?

 Skin Signature is a unique new anti-ageing moisturiser with concentrated Pitera® and Oli-Vityl™, a combination of 2 botanical extracts. Together with vitamin B3, these properties help to re-condition the skin, improve its resilience and leave the complexion smooth and radiant. Skin Signature is designed to be used daily after purifying the skin with your ideal SK-II cleanser and applying Facial Treatment EssenceI’ve been using this instead of my usual moisturiser but I’ve not seen a difference on my face. However, I put a bit on the back of my mothers hand when I was down seeing her and her hands felt like butter. I have no idea why its not having the same effect on my face! Don’t get me wrong, its doing its job, I’m not flaky or devoid of moisture or anything, its just not doing £127 worth of moisturising. Maybe my face is too dry for it? Oh who knows.  Although the pot is a normal sample size, because the cream is so thin you only have to use the smallest amount to cover your entire face. I’ve been using it every day and you can’t even tell yet.

“Cleansing Beauty Oil is the number 1 selling Shu Uemura cleansing oil in the world. A premium anti-oxidant skin purifier that thoroughly cleanses the skin while protecting it against the internal and external aggressions associated with skin ageing.”
I’ve not used this yet because there is only just enough for one use and I’ve just not felt the need to yet. I do wish there was more, but I feel this is an added extra as it’s a 6th item so I can’t really complain! It is aimed at anti-skin ageing which isn’t such an issue for me yet, but I will update when I use it .
& Last but not least
“Refresh and revitalise your mind and body with this enlivening gel cleanser from Molton Brown. Squeezed from fresh oranges, the vitamin complex shower gel and bath foam softens, tones and strengthens the skin and boosts the senses with vitality”
This has to be the least exciting product I received. I still have loads of left over shower gel from Christmas toiletries sets I received so this is just going to sit in a draw for months. I did give it a sniff and it’s quite nice. Not really my kind of scent to be honest. I don’t really see Molton Brown as a Harrods item either, more a hotel item. This is probably because of my collection of it I’ve gotton from staying in hotels though!


The three others are all from hotel rooms, and as you can see, the sample from glossybox is a bit bigger, which is great! I do have the ‘Heavenly Gingerlily’ shower gel some people received. It foams up really nicely and makes your skin feel lovely, but I do hate the smell. It’s only been used because I forgot shower gel when I went away!
Overalll I’m not super impressed with my first glossybox, It’s good, but these are not my kind of products. I would have loved to try the hair oil some people got.
I only ordered the Harrods box as a one off with my birthday money so I wont be staying signed up. I did also sign up to Carmine to get their March box, again with my birthday money, but they have since merged with Glossybox and refunded their customers, so that’s out of the window! Next up; ‘She Said Beauty’ box I think!
What do you think of the March Glossybox? Happy with what you got?

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